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iTunes recently had a section in the podcasts where they displayed the editors favorite ones. I subscribed to each one of those and am slowly making my way through to decide for myself what all the fuss is about. There are a few that I simply fell in love with and cannot wait to hear the next issue.

As of right now my top three favorites are:

1. NPR: Selected Shorts Podcast – This podcast is about an hour long and it is wonderful if you need somethign to keep your mind busy in traffic. They choose a few short storied and they are read out loud by famous actors. It is really a great podcast and keeps your mind engaged. I like the element of having an actor read it aloud, due to the fact that they add a lot of depth to the stories themselves.

2. Current – Musicheads Podcast – This is also a great podcast, it is about thirty minutes long which is perfect for my morning drive to work or the lunch hour. They have a round table disucssion about various new and old rock bands. I have discovered a few great new sounds that I look forward to checking out later on today from this mornings podcast alone!

3. Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour. – I was drawn to this podcast simply because of the name and not just becasue I like science. It was worth it. This is also about an hour long and discusses all sorts of fascinating science issues. I had a real good time listening to it last night while I was delivering pizza.

My favorite video podcast right now is SuperNews it is this AWESOME cartoon parody news show, they have funny skits, and it really made me laugh more than I have all week long. Check them out!

It is funny how the most obscure podcast really grow on you while the ones that you think that you were going to enjoy the most fall off of your radar. For example, I was really looking forward to hearing some good poetry on “Slate’s” poetry podcast. The sound quality was terrible, and it was only about two minutes long. Also I was not too impressed with 60 second psych, I know the title says it all, but seriously what is the point of having a sixty second podcast?

What are your favorite podcasts?


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