A New Year a New Blog.

I decided to start this blog at the end of last year in order to deviate from the mess that has become of my current blog. I have always been drawn to wordpress, and I would like to continue to use it indefinantly this time. I just feel like WordPress is keeping up with the times with all sorts of gadgets and widgets, while Blogger is stuck in the same (tired but true – but still old ) Format.

Hopefully I will not give up on WordPress like I did the last time.

My goal for the new year is to write at least five entries per day about all sorts of issue, my goal is to increase my audience, find a focus and theme for the blog, explore my writing, explore my creativity, and make this a forum for deep thoughts, interesting conversations, and a fellowship of likeminded and opposing views.

This is a new year, a new decade, and a new blog. Enjoy.


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Notable Podcasts

iTunes recently had a section in the podcasts where they displayed the editors favorite ones. I subscribed to each one of those and am slowly making my way through to decide for myself what all the fuss is about. There are a few that I simply fell in love with and cannot wait to hear the next issue.

As of right now my top three favorites are:

1. NPR: Selected Shorts Podcast – This podcast is about an hour long and it is wonderful if you need somethign to keep your mind busy in traffic. They choose a few short storied and they are read out loud by famous actors. It is really a great podcast and keeps your mind engaged. I like the element of having an actor read it aloud, due to the fact that they add a lot of depth to the stories themselves.

2. Current – Musicheads Podcast – This is also a great podcast, it is about thirty minutes long which is perfect for my morning drive to work or the lunch hour. They have a round table disucssion about various new and old rock bands. I have discovered a few great new sounds that I look forward to checking out later on today from this mornings podcast alone!

3. Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour. – I was drawn to this podcast simply because of the name and not just becasue I like science. It was worth it. This is also about an hour long and discusses all sorts of fascinating science issues. I had a real good time listening to it last night while I was delivering pizza.

My favorite video podcast right now is SuperNews it is this AWESOME cartoon parody news show, they have funny skits, and it really made me laugh more than I have all week long. Check them out!

It is funny how the most obscure podcast really grow on you while the ones that you think that you were going to enjoy the most fall off of your radar. For example, I was really looking forward to hearing some good poetry on “Slate’s” poetry podcast. The sound quality was terrible, and it was only about two minutes long. Also I was not too impressed with 60 second psych, I know the title says it all, but seriously what is the point of having a sixty second podcast?

What are your favorite podcasts?

If there is one thing that Obama can do its give a speech. Hei s a master at it, he can sit there and speak with the utmost confidence about a whole host of issues. In his latest public appearance Mr. Obama discusses the failure of our security system that allowed the Christmas Day bomber to board a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit with explosives on his person.

This has been one of the hottest storied on the news, and it is interesting because I can recall sitting at home watching the television when the CNN app on my iphone went off and I got a text saying ” man attempts to set off fire crackers on board flight.”

How in the world did we go from fire crackers, to an alleged Al Queda member plotting to destroy the country? In any case, Obama is determined to get to the bottom of the collapse in security and he did quite a job attempting to quit the masses in their cries for answers and accountability.

I have heard various different sides of this story. Some people fault Obama for his lack of initiative in revamping the current security program in the country. Others , including the White House blame the previous Administration for their lack of an organized reporting system to track and prevent such events from occuring, others blame other countries security in airports.

The bottom line is, you can blame whoever you want. But no one is at fault. The only person who is at fault is the person who decided to commit this crime. He is the one who made the decision to board the plane and attempt to blow himself up along with 300 other people. He is the only who can hold the blame in this instance.

I think a concept that people are having a hard time trying to understand is the fact that fighting terrorism, preventing terrorism is like preventing a bank robbery, a murder, a car theft, a thought, an idea, a desire. You simply cannot do it. It is impossible to check every single person and their intentions. Mechanical interventions can only do so much. Someone is bound to slip through the cracks unless we focus on the real issue.

The real issue is not the threat of terrorism. Terrorism has been around for a long time and is not going anywhere soon. The war on terror is like the war on drugs, hard faught, lots of resources – few results.

Instead of shoveling billions of dollars into this “war” we need to figure out a way to extinguish the desire for these actions to occur. Perhaps set a better example for the world? If the desire to commit these acts is not there, than they will not have the opportunity to occur.

Last night on Fox my friend was watching a round table discussion in which Sean Hannity urged the government to stay out of his personal life. He claimed that he had the rights to do whatever he chooses and it is not the right of the government to dictate what he can or cannot do in his own free time. He cited examples such as regulation of trans fats in our food, and forcing drivers to wear seatbelts.  He claimed that it is his body, he can do whatever he wants with it, and if he makes the decision to not wear a seatbelt, or stuff his face with fat then that is his decision and he is ultimately responsible for it.

Well, Mr. Hannity for once in my life I agree with you. I also believe that the government should stay out of issues that do not pertain to them. I agree that they should not regulate what food we eat, what car we buy, and other things of that nature. But unlike you my friend. I am not a complete hypocrite. Becasue you can sit there and blab all you want about how you want the government to stay out of your personal life, and then turn around and bash gay marriage and abortions.

That does not make you a free independent thinker, or a conservative, it makes you a lying sack of crap. A hypocrite, and destroys your credibility. If you want the government to stop regulating how much fat you put in your body then why dont you start a petition to allow same sex marriage instead of bashing it every chance you get? After all, isnt that just another example of “those dirty liberals” trying to control our lives?

There was a show on CNBC the other night about Wal Mart. It was the usual spiel on how wal mart negatively impacts local communities, has unfair labor practices over seas, low wages for American employees, and how all of them want to be in a Union.

One segment in particular really caught my eye and was of interest to me. They were talking about how Walmart is going green and forcing sweatshops in China to become more environmentally friendly. They are talking about a rating system for products to judge their level of eco-friendliness and other things like that. I just found it interesting how Wal Mart was able to convince the Chinese to get stricter environmental practices but Obama was unable to make a dent with his famous speeches.

Perhaps next time that we have a climate conference, we can send the CEO of Walmart over instead of Hillary and Barack, and then maybe they can make a compromise with China.

I just had to say something. While delivering pizzas part time after about a week I got over the whole blasting music through the windows thing. I decided to turn to some talk radio. The one thing that I do not like about talk radio is that the genre is monopolized by right wing radicals who trash our country and civil rights all day long. I cannot stand it, otherwise you can listen to sports, bible verses, or monotoned local radio stations. So I suppose I am stuck.

The only thing that I do like about conservative talk radio – is that despite the fact that these lunatics spew garbage out of their mouths all day long – at least they are passionate about what they have to say.

But this latest discovery really scratches my nerves. Lou Dobbs.

Lou claims to be an independent thinker, and independent voter, and takes an objective look on life and tells it how it is. The only problem is – he is not. He is a cookie cutter version of Rush or Sean. All in the same league.

You can call yourself independent till the cows come home, but when you sit there all day and bash every democratic member of congress, and call Obama a crazy socialist, and all that other crap. Then you are no more independent than any of these other right wing nutjobs.

For example yesterday he had on a segment – the best quotes of 2009. He picked 10 of the craziest quotes that he could think of and put them on the air and decided to discuss them. wHich is fine – the only issue I have is that he chose 10 democrats saying something crazy – and more often than not spinned it out of context to make them look stupid.

I am not going to sit here and say that no democrat has said anything stupid, they say just as stupid stuff as republicans and green party members etc. Everyone says stupid things – But to sit there and call yourself an Independent  , and single out and Bash democrats – is not independent thinking. Its Rush Limbaugh thinking, and Dobbs is in the same camp under a different name.

An analogy – a terrorist cell operating in a hospital. On the outside looks nice and clean and helpful, and on the inside – a disaster.

Lou – go ahead and call yourself a conservative – at least then you will be an idiot, but not a liar.